Meet Stella…the perfect nappy bag

Finding the perfect baby bag can be a difficult task. With so many options on the market these days from Claudine and Ash to OiOi to Storksak, it can be a bit overwhelming. This bag is going to carry all your essential items for when (or should I say IF) you are brave enough to leave the house. It needs to be functional, roomy and cute AF, but with a price tag ranging from $200-$400 which one do you choose? I have had my fair share of baby bags in a short time. I started with the Oroton Origins nappy bag, then switched to the Mimco Lucid nappy bag, and finally found my perfect match in Alf the Labels ‘Stella’ nappy bag. Third times lucky indeed…

What was wrong with Oroton Origins? It was way too small! This was one of my first purchases when I found out I was expecting. A girlfriend suggested it to me, I just wish I had done my research first! It was $250 and ended up going to my mum to use as a handbag. Such a waste of money! It came with the standard change mat and bottle holder however, the bottle holder was too thin to use. The external pockets are useless and the internal space is inadequate to fit all those baby essentials.



Oroton Origins Nappy Bag


I then moved onto Mimco. I got my Mimco Lucid nappy bag for pretty much half the RRP so I couldn’t say no. I was desperate for something bigger and wasn’t in the position to be spending another $300 plus on a baby bag. It was good for a while, it had plenty of room for all the essentials but it just wasn’t special. Every second mama I saw had one of these. I was constantly browsing online stores for a new nappy bag that was pretty, functional and different…that’s when I met Stella!



Mimco Lucid Nappy Bag


Stella is a nappy bag designed by Aussie mama Soph for the hip mama. It isn’t your average nappy bag. It comes in tan spot, black spot, and all black. The Stella RRP’s for $385, and is worth every cent. It is made of soft full grain leather and cow hide and feels so silky smooth inside and out. It is easily wiped for times when those inevitable spills happen. The cow hide is so, so stylish and makes me feel a little bit fancy…I love the spot pattern.

Soph has really tried to do something different with this nappy bag and she has succeded. The extra details in the design like the gold zips and leather tassel zip pullies are cute AF. This bag isn’t for the boring mama. It has 9 internal pockets and 2 external pockets – plenty of room for all those essential items and separation to ensure they are easily located. I can fit inside: multiple nappies, wipes, a spare set of clothes, our toiletries and creams, toys, my wallet and phone, food for Myla, our water bottles and much more. Did I mention it comes with a decent sized change mat?

Stella comes with an adjustable strap so you can hang it off your pram or shoulder or; they sell pram straps if your pram doesn’t come with bag hooks.


From August, the Alf team began donating part of the sale price of their bags to Bears of Hope. If you have been following me for a while then you would know that Bears Of Hope is a charity close to my heart and that I have supported in the past. This makes me love Alf The Label even more! Alf just released a limited edition Rose Stella, Evie and Lil range…gahhddd they’re gorgeous. If you are on the hunt for the perfect baby bag, look no more – SHOP the Alf range here! You wont be disappointed.



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