Gift Ideas For The Expectant Mother


There must be something in the water because the pregnancy train has come to town. With those pregnancy announcement comes baby showers, baby sprinkles and everything in between…this means baby gifts! If you haven’t got a clue what to buy an expectant mother, I have put together a list of my favourites that will surely please mama and babe. These are the items that she doesn’t necessarily need, but wishes she could buy. Boy, girl or no idea – I have you sorted.

Moses Basket

I absolutely adore a Moses basket. I am kicking myself that I didn’t purchase one of these before Myla was born. They aren’t only divine, but looking back having one of these would’ve been super handy. Imagine being able to pop bub down for a sleep when you are out and about rather than taking your porta cot with you. Love, love, love these. There are a few different sellers and styles on Instagram; The Young Folk Collective, Cub & Co and Tom and Milly are my favourites.

Changing Basket

These are another cute gift idea that you could fill up with a bunch of practical items like nappies, wipes etc as a baby shower gift. It does have to suit mamas taste, but who wouldn’t love one of these? Cub & Co stock these beauties too!

Cub & Co

Cub & Co

Knit wear

I find that it doesn’t really matter when bub is due, Summer or Winter, knit wear can be worn in all seasons. Most Australian households these days are cranking their AC in the Summer heat therefore bub still needs to be rugged up. Knitted booties, bloomers, rompers and beanies are freaking ah-dorable on a newbie. Hubble + Duke, Velvet and Honey, Millesime Baby and Frankie Jones the Label stock some cute collections!

Wooden toys

From teethers to walkers, those hideous plastic toys we hate (but kids love) are a thing of the past. These can be used as props in photos, nursery décor or by babe themselves. My favourite stores are Noc Noc Wooden Toys and This Paper Book. They sell rattles, teethers, toys and much more.

Name Plaque/Wall Mount

This obviously only works if you know the name to be of the baby. I have the Winnie Dot wall mount in Myla’s room; and my eye on these Zilvi ones (I’m just waiting for those pesky bills to eff off).


Swaddles are handy for so many other things other than swaddling. I use mine for shade, photo ops and inevitable baby vom.  Bondi Beach Baby have a range of gorgeous prints available, they can even double as a sarong for mama. Snuggle Hunny Kids are also a favourite that I discovered after Myla was born (damn it). They have many boy, girl and gender neutral options.

Flower bath & products

I trialled so many different baby bath products with Myla and finally found a range that I love. Chamonix Rain Organics Coconut Baby Wash and Shampoo is 99.9% Natural and smells amazing. Pair their baby wash and lotion with a Blooming Bath and the expectant mama will love you.


Alpha Board Co are creators of Felt letter boards, and are based right here in Queensland. These are great for expressing funny mum moments, baby milestones and bubs arrival. I really, really need one of these. #MustGetPregnantSoon

Sheepskin Pram Liner

This gift only works if you know what pram said mama is getting/has. and if you don’t, it shouldn’t be hard to find out. A sheepskin pram liner not only looks a little bit fancy but, it keeps bub warm in winter and cool in summer. I got mine from Lambcare, it is designed to fit my Bugaboo Buffalo specifically which I love.


Baby wrap or carrier

Baby carriers are a great gift idea and not too pricey at about $100. They are extremely handy for mum when she needs to do the groceries, walk the dog or if baba simply wants to be held 24/7 and you need your hands free. I was gifted a Chekoh wrap when I was pregnant which I found useful for carrying Myla around the house or on the beach. I purchased my Baby Bjorn after Myla was born and used that for exercise and walking my dog.


Pamper Session

Every mother deserves a pamper session, once a week, but, as we live in the real world once a year is probably a little more achievable. A massage, mani, pedi, and/or facial voucher would be much appreciated by any mum (or dad for that matter). One Wybelenna is a day spa in Brisbane and they are freaking amazeballs. I was lucky enough to go here with my mama when I was pregnant…I would love to go back (COUGH ‘hubby’ COUGH).

Note: If you do purchase clothes or nappies etc as a gift, try you’re best to keep the tags on and get a gift receipt so mum can exchange sizes. Lots of stores like Baby Bunting refuse to exchange without proof of purchase which can be such a waste.



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