Feeding your toddler


Feeding your toddler can be tough. What do they eat? How much do they eat? Are they fussy? Are you a shitty cook?. At one point or another I am sure all mums (even the Betty Crocker’s of the world) have resorted to buying baby food. It can be a controversial subject and another reason for all that mama guilt to come flooding through your mind but never fear – there are nutritious options available. You might need to buy baby food because your toddler hates your cooking (this is me), or because you don’t know how to cook a delicious yet well balanced meal for a 1 year old (also me), or you’d much rather spend time with your baby than in the kitchen (me), or you just need a bloody day off from cooking once in a while (yep, also me). Whatever the reason may be, a mama needs options. I’m here to give you some!

Bellamy’s Organic Range



The Bellamy’s range was the very first brand of baby food we ever tried. When Myla went on formula Bellamy’s was my first choice so naturally, I assumed that the Bellamy’s food range would be equally as good. From 4 months Myla tried the baby rice, milk rusks and the fruit/vegetable puree varieties. When looking for baby food my requirements were simple – it had to be certified organic, no additives, real ingredients and be Australian made. I am all for finding a bargain on clothes, toys and other items for Myla, but when it comes to food – I only want the best for her. Bellamy’s delivered on all the above therefore I was happy to give them a go. The verdict; it was OK. I found them to be quite bland in taste…and judging by Myla’s reaction, she did too. It was a good start on our food journey, but the Bellamy’s food range wont be my first choice for next bub.

Rafferty’s Garden



I trialled the Rafferty’s range with Myla at around the 10 month mark and haven’t looked back. Rafferty’s is our go to supermarket brand for Myla. She loves the Lasagne, Lamb Casserole, Bolognese and Chicken in their ‘lumpy’ range. Rafferty’s saved me during those extremely fussy days and of course the convenience when out and about. Rafferty’s food is delicious, nutritious, natural and Australian made. The food pouches are microwavable making life a hell of a lot easier for a mum who is time poor. As Myla is now 16 months I rarely purchase fruit puree to snack on, however, Rafferty’s have a great snack range for toddlers which she loves! Her favourite are the banana and blueberry snack bars. Rafferty’s isn’t certified organic, however their use of real food makes up for it. The verdict; pretty damn good. The price of the product is competitive in relation to other brands available at the supermarket. I will definitely continue using this range as our family grows.

Bib and Spoon


Bib and Spoon is by far our favourite food option on the market. Bib and Spoon was established in 2015 by Brisbane locals Clare and Danny. They were inspired by their own twins to create organic, locally sourced fresh food for babies and toddlers that are chemical free, have no added nasties, are made from free range meats and are tasty as hell. It is the closest you’ll get to home made baby food – because it is hand made by real people. Unfortunately it is only available in Brisbane and Northern NSW (sorry world). Myla has so far tried the Beef, Broth, Pumpkin and Turmeric; the Cheesy Cauliflower Macaroni; Chicken Risotto and Shell Bologonese. I can honestly say that each one was a hit (see below for a smiley little foodie mug shot). As you know, Myla is extremely fussy when it comes to eating real food so any win is a Godsend. The best thing about the Bib and Spoon range is that meal options change according to what fruit and vege is in season, therefore your little chicken wont get sick of it. I sampled a few spoonful’s to see how good it was (and I secretly prayed Myla would get full so I could finish it off haha). At $5.95 for a toddler meal and $9.95 for 3-5 servings of the purees it’s a must have for any Brisbane mum who needs a break in the kitchen. You can find their menu here.


When it comes to snacks Myla has a range of food, from biscuits to yogurt, to the toddler snacks you find in the ‘Baby’ isle at your local supermarket. I have thought about upping the anti and attempting to bake some vege filled muffins for Myla but, I just don’t think I can handle any more rejection LOL. I don’t really have a problem with her eating as much fruit as she likes (even though Dieticians would judge me for all that natural sugar). I try to not to give her too much packaged food however, most of the options out there are pretty much rice puffs and taste like nothing. Below is my list of go to snacks:

  • Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks (vegetable);
  • Chobani Greek Yogurt (pouches are best as no cutlery is required);
  • Little Bellies Hoops and Loops;
  • Rafferty’s Garden Snack Bars;
  • Little Bellies Baby Puffs;
  • Rice Thins with avocado;
  • Peanut Butter or Vegemite on a slice of wholemeal bread;
  • Blueberries;
  • Strawberries; and
  • Apples.

If you have any suggestions on tasty, quick and easy recipes for Myla I’d love to try them!

Xx Maria

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