How to be the perfect parent. 

Perfection. Something that so many of us try and achieve. A perfect home, the perfect skin, the perfect body, the perfect relationship. I personally think perfection is unattainable.We can make improvements but to spend your life trying to be perfect is a waste of time. Your parenting style and choices is an area that EVERY ONE loves to comment on. No matter what you do there will always be someone who knows better…particularly those yet to actually become parents. It always baffles me when I see complete strangers commenting on other people’s lives and parenting choices. I’m still yet to meet a perfect adult therefore tell me how ones parenting style can be perfect? As long as you love your kids immensely and are teaching them to be kind to others what else could possibly matter! A lot apparently. So, here it is – my guide to being the perfect parent in 2019.

How I Got Vinnie To Sleep Through

Before I continue I need to stress that I am no expert when it comes to getting a baby to sleep. I have simply guessed with both kids, googled methods endlessly, messaged my friends, and picked the brains of mums everywhere. I know many of you struggle with getting your babies to sleep through more than one sleep cycle, or to sleep through the night…so I thought I’d share what I did with Vinnie. My methods either work, or I just lucked out on having 2 babies who sleep like their father. A baby who cat naps and doesn’t sleep through affects everyone in the house. I don’t know about you but when I have a full night sleep I’m in a much better mood. I truly empathise with the mamas out there who have children over the age of 1 who still wake during the night…you must be fucking tired.

Life with my Redsbaby Jive2 Platinum Pram

Hey guys! So I meant to write this review weeks ago but Vinnie still refuses to nap for longer than 30 minutes (unless he is held) so here it…a little later than I had hoped. If you have been following me for a while you will know that I purchased my Bugaboo Buffalo back in 2016 when I had Myla and was pretty happy with it. I hadn’t considered upgrading to a twin pram as I figured I’d just get the wheeled board attachment for Myla or chuck Vinnie in the carrier. Well, I was lucky enough to be gifted a Redsbaby Jive2 Platinum Pram prior to Vinnie’s arrival and I’m so damn glad I was! I didn’t realise how convenient a double pram would be…until I started using one!

Breastfeeding: The First 6 Weeks

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks since Vinnie entered the world, and 6 weeks since our breastfeeding journey began. In light of World Breastfeeding Week I thought I would share my experience thus far. This is my second time becoming a mum but I was very much clueless when it came to breastfeeding (and am still learning). Prior to having Vinnie breastfeeding was my main concern as the guilt from my struggles with Myla still lingered. Well, I am pleased to say that my experience this time has been the complete opposite to what it was with Myla. At 6 weeks we are still going strong with no signs of stopping any time soon…a mama milestone I never thought I’d reach.

Vinnie’s Birth Story

Where to begin. I decided to start writing Vinnies birth story at the 40 week mark, the day after my 40 week hospital appointment. At this stage I am unsure how this story will end…or shall I say begin, but I thought it was important to document each stage of my attempt at a Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC) versus an elective C-section, for all the women out there facing this same situation.

The Third Trimester

Weeks 28 to 40:

At just 5 days from my due date I thought that now is as good a time as any to recap on my third trimester (just in case I POP!). The third and final trimester is definitely the longest and most testing time during pregnancy. You are bigger, slower, sorer, tired-er (I know that’s not a word) and ready to meet your baby! As I have said previously, this pregnancy is so different to my first. The only complaint I had with Myla was that I was impatient, this time…I’m not only impatient but baby boy is making mama suffer right up until Labour Day. Read on for the deets and while you’re at it, send me some early labour vibes…

What’s in babies hospital bag?

At almost 38 weeks I have finally packed baby boys hospital bag! With Myla I had it packed about 3 months in advance and she was 10 days late so this time around, I decided to wait. I haven’t completely packed my own bag as most of the items like PJs, bras and toiletries I still have to use therefore this is just a quick blog on what I have for baby, as a lot of you were curious. The amount of stuff needed really depends on how long your hospital stay will be. I might have another C-Section therefore I have accounted for that whereas some mamas are in and out the same day. It’s really depends on your labour…

Toilet Training Has Begun!

I always said, once Myla learns to walk she is learning how to use the toilet…well she took her first steps at 11 months so clearly that didn’t happen! Toilet training has to be one of the shittiest (no pun intended) aspects of mum life that I have across thus far. I don’t particularly enjoy it, which is why I stopped and started multiple times before I finally bit the bullet and gave it a hot red crack. Now, we are still training so this blog is simply about getting started and our journey thus far. Disclaimer: I am no expert, just another mum sharing her experience.

The Second Trimester.

Weeks 13 to 27.

The second trimester is something most pregnant women look forward to. The lethargy disappears, the ‘morning’ sickness should be easing if not gone, and those baby kicks you have been waiting for begin! My second trimester was relatively smooth sailing, thankfully. The only time in my life when it is completely acceptable to be labelled as ‘boring’ is in pregnancy. I still experienced those common side effects such as morning sickness, back pain and constipation but it was nothing compared to what a lot of women go through. My major concern this time around is the possibility of a VBAC versus another C-section…only time will tell.

Bye, bye cot.

Hey guys, at the request of many of you I thought I better get off my lazy pregnant butt and write a blog about Myla’s transition from cot to bed. It has been just over a month and the outcome – success! I didn’t want to write about the switch until a sufficient amount of time had passed and I knew she had fully settled in. Well we are 100% there and we couldn’t be happier! I really had no idea what I was doing when it came to the switch so I asked the mama community and was overwhelmed with the response I got, thank you! A majority of mamas out there made the switch well before 2 which I found surprising yet encouraging. It made me a lot more confident going ahead.