The Third Trimester

Weeks 28 to 40:

At just 5 days from my due date I thought that now is as good a time as any to recap on my third trimester (just in case I POP!). The third and final trimester is definitely the longest and most testing time during pregnancy. You are bigger, slower, sorer, tired-er (I know that’s not a word) and ready to meet your baby! As I have said previously, this pregnancy is so different to my first. The only complaint I had with Myla was that I was impatient, this time…I’m not only impatient but baby boy is making mama suffer right up until Labour Day. Read on for the deets and while you’re at it, send me some early labour vibes…

 From about 30 weeks I experienced something that I had no idea even existed – SPD aka Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. During the evenings, when I would finally lay down after a day of mum-ing and housewife-ing, I would notice a pain in my pelvic area. At first I thought it was just some bruising, but after days of pain I went to trusty Dr Google for the answer and low and behold…SPD (which I later confirmed with my actual GP ha). Baby Centre describes SPD as a problem with the pelvis joint called the Symphysis Pubis. This joint can become less stable during pregnancy which causes the symptoms of SPD to arise. These symptoms include not only pain in the pubic area but, back pain and inner thigh pain. It is worse in the evenings and particularly noticeable when you part your legs, get up and down from bed, put on pants (due to standing on one leg at a time) etc. Luckily for me my SPD wasn’t debilitating, just uncomfortable and painful. Some women can get it so badly that they have trouble walking therefore if you suspect that you have it see your physio! The cure unfortunately is childbirth, so if you have months of pregnancy ahead…don’t take it lightly.

Week 33 – we have the name! Finally *insert happy dance*.

At 34 weeks pregnant I had my Mater Hospital check-up. During this appointment they conduct all the routine checks such as listening to babies’ heartbeat, checking blood pressure, the ‘labour signs’ chat, and measure your growing belly. At 34 weeks your belly should be measuring in centimeters roughly the same as your weekly gestation. They aren’t concerned if you are 2cm over or under but at 34 weeks I measured 4cms under. It really scared me. Thankfully an ultrasound was ordered and he was perfect! At 34 weeks he was estimated at 2.3kg and was DEFINITELY a baby boy haha. It was so good seeing him wriggle around in there. I know how risky pregnancy is and how badly things can go…I do not welcome bumps in the road, no matter how small.

From about week 35 pregnancy really started to kick my butt. I got a cold and couldn’t take ANYTHING for it! To put things into perspective my hubby contracted the cold 2 days after me and was better 2 days before me due to the power of Codral. I had to avoid breathing/kissing Myla for a week and only took Panadol when I was absolutely desperate. In addition to the cold, the body pains kicked up a notch. I’m talking back shooting pains, thigh pains, SPD increase and lightening crotch. I had NONE of these side effects with Myla so I didn’t even know what lightening crotch was. I was convinced I’d go into labour early.

At week 36 I had another hospital check. At this appointment I had an in-depth discussion with the doctor about the benefits and risks of a VBAC over a planned C-Section. I left feeling a little scared. The risks of a uterine rupture were discussed and it freaked me the eff out. Baby Centre defines a uterine rupture as a tear in the wall of the uterus, most often at the site of a previous C-Section incision. In a complete rupture, the tear goes through all layers of the uterine wall and the consequences can be dire for mother and baby. The statistics say that 1 in 200 can have a uterine rupture and that it can increase if you are induced. After this discussion I made the decision to schedule a C-Section over induction (if I don’t go naturally) as the risks to me personally, aren’t worth it.

It’s week 37 and I am officially considered full term! Week 37 is when I started to show those labour signs all us expectant mamas are waiting for such as loose bowels, an increase in discharge, emotional AF, lightning crotch, back pain and Braxton hicks. At 37+5 I was convinced I might be in labour as my BH were so bloody strong! They were spaced out consistently and wouldn’t go away so I was mentally doing a happy dance. Well, when I woke up in bed the next morning STILL pregnant…I was clearly wrong. 

Since 37 weeks pregnant I have continuously been experiencing these ‘labour signs’. I truly thought something might have happened by now but it just goes to show that babies do what they want when they want. I’m doing my best not to grow impatient but as every expectant mother knows, the last month of pregnancy is the longest. With every day that passes I grow a little more scared of going through a vaginal birth but at the same time I am elated at the thought of meeting baby boy. I have no idea when it is going to happen and as I write this at 39+2 I am hoping today is the day. Everyone tells me to relax and enjoy these last days but how can I relax when I know I will meet another love of my life in a matter of days?! It is crazy to think that the next pregnancy blog I share will be my birth story…will I get the VBAC I have been hoping for? Perhaps. At the end of the day just let me leave that hospital with my healthy baby boy in my arms…

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