What’s in babies hospital bag?

At almost 38 weeks I have finally packed baby boys hospital bag! With Myla I had it packed about 3 months in advance and she was 10 days late so this time around, I decided to wait. I haven’t completely packed my own bag as most of the items like PJs, bras and toiletries I still have to use therefore this is just a quick blog on what I have for baby, as a lot of you were curious. The amount of stuff needed really depends on how long your hospital stay will be. I might have another C-Section therefore I have accounted for that whereas some mamas are in and out the same day. It’s really depends on your labour…

The bag:

I will be using my Storksak Elizabeth Nappy Bag to take all his clothes. This baby bag is new and so friggin cute! I plan on writing a review of it once baby boy is here and I have used it for a couple months but so far, well, all I will say is that it is deceivingly roomier than it looks! I also have the organizer insert which I will use to carry things like nappies, wipes and tooshie cream.


  • Newborn nappies, 20
  • Tiny Tonics bottom balm shop here
  • Chamonix Rain Organics Coconut Baby Wash & Shampoo (incase baby has his first bath in hospital) shop here
  • Wipes (1 pack)

Clothing (the basics):

  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 3 white singlets
  • 3 singlet bodysuits
  • 4 Bonds onesies shop here
  • Love to Dream swaddle shop here

I am a big fan of the Bonds Wondersuits as they have zips (not buttons) and inbuilt foot and hand covers therefore there is no need for socks or mittens!

Clothing (the fun stuff):

So, I obviously love taking photos and am undecided on what I am going to be dressing baby boy in therefore I have packed (maybe overpacked) a few options for his announcement photo. Yes, I am crazy but they are all so tiny, what’s a few extra outfits in the hospital bag…I will link a few of my favourites below.

  • 1 set of crochet hand mittens
  • 3 pairs of knit/crotchet booties
  • 2 bonnets
  • 3 beanies shop here
  • 3 swaddles (for swaddling and to use in pictures) shop here
  • 2 long sleeve Jamie Kay body suits shop here
  • 1 Susukoshi Kimono Gown shop here
  • 1 tracksuit
  • His ‘going home’ outfit (it is soo cute!)
  • 1 blanket. I learnt with Myla that the hospital provides you with endless amounts of blankets therefore this blanket is really just for the walk to the car
  • 2 natural rubber soothers shop here

Hope this helps. X

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