Toilet Training Has Begun!

I always said, once Myla learns to walk she is learning how to use the toilet…well she took her first steps at 11 months so clearly that didn’t happen! Toilet training has to be one of the shittiest (no pun intended) aspects of mum life that I have across thus far. I don’t particularly enjoy it, which is why I stopped and started multiple times before I finally bit the bullet and gave it a hot red crack. Now, we are still training so this blog is simply about getting started and our journey thus far. Disclaimer: I am no expert, just another mum sharing her experience.

What device are we using?

I was gifted a Baby Bjorn Potty for my baby shower but decided against it. I personally felt it was an unnecessary step as I would then have to teach her to pee on the toilet AFTER she mastered the art of peeing on the potty. I went with this toilet seat from Kmart. Its cheap, padded and gets the job done.

When did we begin?

Which time are we talking about? The very first time we started Myla was just over 1 and a half. I had been told it was easier to train in the warmer weather so I waited until Winter had passed and gave it a go. The accidents happened – and a lot, so I waited a few months. We tried again in January, same thing. Pee puddles EVERYWHERE! She wasn’t able to say toilet, nor hold it in so I didn’t feel she was ready…we officially restarted again at the end of March, when Myla was 22 months old. Winter was due to start in a few months so I knew we had to get the ball rolling. Surprisingly it went a lot better. She was ready.

What are we doing?

I was told a while ago that the best way to start is to skip the training pants and go straight to underwear…so that when they have an accident they can feel it and realise their mistake. Well so far this method has worked for us. For the first week of serious training I didn’t go out unless it was imperative (say, we ran out of ice cream). I only put nappies on Myla before nap time and at night before bed. Its crazy how quickly she got used to not peeing in her nappy during the day. It took about 2 weeks for the accidents to stop and for her to say ‘toilet’ when she felt the urge. There were times she would say toilet and nothing would happen, or I knew she didn’t really need to go but I would take her anyway. Its important to associate that word (or whatever word you choose) with the action. As there were 2 occasions in which I didn’t take her seriously…and she peed.

When they do successfully use the toilet – make sure you are over the top, bat shit crazy, excited. If the walls could talk in my house they would say that Myla’s mama is a friggin nutcase. I may be heavily pregnant but the excited dance I did every time she successfully went was trophy worthy. I still whip this dance out for poos, as poos have been a bit more of a challenge than the pees.

What is the hardest part?

Poo poos. (Side note: I can’t believe my life revolves around poo poo and pee pee talk, LOL). So, poos have been a little harder than pees. She isn’t scared to poo on the toilet but I think she simply sees it as alone time haha. I now know when she has to poo as she will literally SPRINT out of the room and into a corner. Without hesitation I’ll run after her, put her on and wait. Yep; the poo face and plop soon follow. I do my crazy lady happy dance after to try and indicate how amazing it is to poo ON the toilet but it’s still hit and miss…so I really need to watch for poo signs. I have heard from other mums that this is pretty standard with kids so I’m not too worried, she’ll get it eventually!

The other challenging part is going out! I decided to keep her in nappies for outings as at 34 weeks pregnant I really don’t have the speed to react to a toilet situation mid shop. For our first outings she did say ‘toilet’ and ended up peeing in her nappy which I felt bad about. I don’t want to discourage her from the toilet but it’s just too hard right now to drop everything and run. Her hold time has improved drastically since these first outings so we have had successful runs to the toilet at the shops. If the toilet is at the other end of the centre – I don’t even bother as I can’t physically waddle over fast enough LOL.

After about 2 months of training I have noticed that she rarely pees in her nappy. If we come back from the groceries her nappy is dry, and when she wakes from a nap her nappy is dry. Its clicked! At night she sleeps for 10 hours so of course she pees a lot, but tackling nights isn’t a priority at this stage. If you are considering toilet training, give it a go! It is challenging at times but once it clicks – it’s so worth it! There really is no right age to begin, it depends on your child. And like the meme says “No one cares how old your kid was when they were potty trained, Brenda. I’m a successful adult, and no one has ever asked when I stopped shitting my pants.” BRILLIANT. It’s not a competition mamas – do what’s right for you and your mini.

Note: As I finished writing this Myla said ‘toilet’ and did a poo! – insert bat shit crazy mama dance right now haha.



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