I’m pregnant!

So here I am, knocked up again! Knocked up; it feels so naughty when I put it like that. Should I say I am with child? Perhaps impregnated, or the good old fashioned bun in the oven? Well, poo to the formalities because I’m having a baby! These 19 months with Myla have been so damn fun, crazy, challenging, educational, tiring AF and rewarding…so why wouldn’t I want to do it all over again?! When I was pregnant the first time around I found it so much more helpful to follow the journeys of real mums rather than read the staple ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’. So, I thought I would return the favour and document my pregnancy journey with baby number 2. Here it goes, the first 12 weeks. Read on if you dare…

How did this happen?

Ok. So not literally how (and if you don’t know then that’s a conversation you need to have with your mother or health care provider LOL). For as long as I can remember the ideal age gap I had in mind for my kids was going to be around the 2 year mark. Long enough for me to enjoy devoting 100% of my attention to my baby, and long enough to avoid the 2 under 2 scenario (as I am just not cut out for that). My husband and I discussed some time ago that we would ‘try’ for another sometime towards the end of 2017. Well we officially started ‘trying’ in September. For some reason I had this horrible feeling that it would take me months to fall pregnant, as with Myla it was literally the first cycle of protection free “bang bang”. Well, thankfully I was wrong. We are extremely blessed that once again, that first protection free cycle was all it took. Clearly somebody up there wants more Vrbesic babies in the world. Phew, the moment I found out I was pregnant I was elated with excitement and gratitude. I can’t imagine what it would be like to experience fertility issues. I knew that if I didn’t get pregnant even after one try I would’ve been heartbroken. When I hear stories about good people struggling to fall pregnant it breaks my heart. Being pregnant really is a miracle. It angers me when I hear people complain about having just girls or just boys. Are you fucking serious? Do you realise how lucky you are?

What’s the difference between this pregnancy and Myla?

Well, with M it didn’t even feel like I was pregnant. If it wasn’t for the almost instant boob job and hunger pains I wouldn’t have believed it. In fact, I ended up buying more pregnancy tests weeks after the initial as I was sure I couldn’t be pregnant!. This time around I KNOW I’m pregnant. From about weeks 5 to 11 I was pretty much nauseas on and off all the time. The nausea hasn’t been fun but it could be worse. With Myla food was my fix for any time I felt sick, this time around not even food could help me. I only threw up once or twice but that feeling of nausea is debilitating. It also makes it a lot worse when you have a toddler to run after!

The icky stuff

Farting, medicating, pooping…oh isn’t pregnancy fun. It really is, but there is a tad gross-ish side that some may experience. The bloat that I have been experiencing is out of control! I actually thought I developed a gluten intolerance, that’s how big my belly would get. Inevitably this bloating led to gas – and lots of it. I wasn’t even sorry, do you know how good it feels to let one go when your stomach is the size of a watermelon? So good! The husband pretty much had to look the other way…I felt bad, but come on buddy – I’m growing human!.

At the 8 week mark I was ordered by my doctor to have routine bloods to 1. Confirm that I was indeed pregnant; and 2. Do a general health check. Well, turns out that I am borderline anaemic and if my iron levels don’t improve I will be forced to have iron infusions! I am currently taking Iron tablets, Vitamin D, Coloxyl (further explanation coming), a Probiotic and Elevit. I feel like an old lady right now with the amount of pills I pop daily, but its all for my little pea pod.

Now to divulge a little further into why I have to take Coloxyl. WARNING: Skip this paragraph if you don’t want to hear about my poopie problems. Constipation can be a crappy side effect of pregnancy that many women experience. Unfortunately for me this has been my reality on both occasions. The added requirement of taking Iron tablets adds to this problem. if I don’t take Coloxyl – its a no poop zone. Not even endless amounts of prunes are helping me (insert crying emoji). Oh and it gets worse! What does constipation and a growing baby squishing down your organs lead to? Haemorrhoids. Yep, with Myla the haemorrhoid side effect reared (no pun intended) its ugly head. Luckily I don’t experience any pain or discomfort, its more just sheer embarrassment really. I HATE this part of pregnancy and sincerely hope no one else suffers from it.

What’s your number?

The most common insecurity amongst women in general is our weight let alone our pregnancy weight. Well, funnily enough I was competing in a weightless challenge when I found out I was pregnant.  My recorded start weight was pretty much back to my pre-baby weight of 61kg. At 13 weeks pregnant I haven’t gained a kilo but I’m not getting too excited. All my weight gain happened in the second trimester last time so I am un-eagerly waiting for those numbers to rise. It is a little puzzling though as I look so much bigger in the belly than I did with Myla. I really, really try not to care too much about the number on the scales – but I cant help but freak out every time another kilo is clocked as I know that once baby is out I’ll have to lose it. All those post baby skinny bitches on my Insta feed are not helping my self esteem either LOL!

Well that’s all the fun bits of the first 12 weeks that I can think of. I am hoping that like my last pregnancy, this one stays nice and boring as the midwives liked to put it. Give me all the voms,aches and haemorrhoids in the world, as long as it leads to a healthy baby at the end of this 40 week journey. Until next time folks. x

Baby cakes at 12 weeks

Baby cakes at 12 weeks

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