8 Things I Said I Will Not Do As A Mama…HA!


1) I will not cuddle my baby every time she cries.

I was so bloody certain before Myla was born that I wouldn’t spoil her with cuddles every time she cried. Well, I can tell you right now that I cuddle the crap out of my girl and I am not even sorry. Okay maybe SOMETIMES I am sorry but those times are minimal and usually occur at 2am when she wakes up begging for her mama. Even then I feel so bloody special that only I am wanted that it completely trumps any regret.

2) I will not feed my baby any junk food whatsoever.

HA! What a fool I was. Myla is as fussy and stubborn as they get. She has always been a tough cookie when it comes to meal time. Bananas and avocado used to be her favourite foods, nowadays she can’t stand them. More often than not I struggle to get her to down a full meal. Dinner time is the worst! Last night for example, we started off with roast chicken and vege. After a few bites she began to spit it out. We then moved on to pumpkin soup and bread. The pumpkin soup wasn’t a hit after a few spoonfuls so it turned into just bread. She then started begging for the bread only so she could throw it on the floor! I then resorted to biscuits. Judge all you want but I need that belly full as possible pre bed time so she sleeps all night. Seriously, what the hell do you do? She is 1. I can’t reason with a 1 year old!

3) I will not spam people with photos of my baby.

I spam the shit outta Insta every day…not even sorry; she is cute AF.

4) I will not make impractical or unreasonable purchases.

I need serious help. All I can say is I pray our next bub is a girl so I can reuse the excessive amount of pink clothes, toys and general crap I have racked up in a year. I just can’t stop buying for Myla! I am a salesman’s dream…if there is a new baby gimmick on the market – I want to buy it! In the early days I was desperate for something that would keep Myla entertained so I could do the washing or make lunch without her attached to me 24/7. Now, I just want to dress up my living doll and buy buy buy! The hubby is going to divorce me soon if I don’t get my spending under control. #SendHelpOrMoreMoney

5) I will not get upset over the opinions of anyone, let alone strangers. 

There was a Facebook post the other day about a potential recall for selected baby formula brands due to tiny particles being found inside the powder. I clicked on the comments (don’t ask me why) and of course was faced with the endless amounts of hate from the ‘breast is best’ army. My immediate thoughts turned back to the Maria 1 year ago, the mother of a newborn who struggled with breastfeeding and was in tears over the fact that formula was going to be our reality. I prayed that no new mother struggling with breastfeeding and considering formula read this shit. The words from complete strangers can cut so deep. Most of us are doing the best job we can and don’t need the nasty commentary. One of my favourite mama bloggers @MissKyreeLoves is constantly at the receiving end of comments such as ‘you’re a shit mum’. Luckily she has thick skin and knows that it’s just keyboard warriors doing what they do best…but what if she had PND and a comment like that pushed her over the edge?

6) I will not use a dummy.

Well, that quickly changed when I was faced with a crying newborn who didn’t want to sleep. I think we lasted about 5 days before the hubby looked at me and said, maybe we should try a dummy. It has honestly been a godsend! We are now 1 year and 2 months in and I am still not ready to wean Myla. I have restricted use to only nap times, bed time and long car rides however, I fear that the longer I hold off from weaning her the more attached she will become. I know dummys can be a controversial topic, but when it comes down to a dummy or your sanity…choose sanity.

7) I will not let my baby use a tablet until they are at least 5.

Hmm, this is a tough one. I still am pretty anti-technology as I want Myla to use her imagination and not be glued to a screen however; iPads are used in schools. This is  her future therefore I don’t want her to be the weirdo in class who doesn’t know how to use one! Plus, now that she walks it is getting harder and harder to go to the shops etc. I can see why mums rely on that iPad to give them 5 minutes of peace so they can catch up with their girlfriends once a week.  My opinion has definitely changed, mama needs some quiet time during lunch once in a while.

8) I will not neglect my husband. 

I am soo guilty of this. Being a mum has consumed my entire life. I absolutely love every aspect of it however I promised myself pre Myla that I would not become one of those mums who neglected their hubby…but I might’ve (accidentally) broken that promise. In my defence chasing after a 1 year old all day really takes it out of you! When Myla finally goes to bed for the night all I want to do is watch junk TV, stalk my favourite Insta profiles and go to bed myself. He doesn’t complain (too much) but I completely get it when he does. I know I need to make more of a conscious effort to maintain the relationship now, as one day Myla is going to flee the nest and it’ll be just us again. I do not want to wake up in 18 years’ time and be roommates…I want us to always be soulmates.

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