Myla Turns One

Myla’s first birthday was at Brytarbri Farm, Allenview. The Farm is owned by my sister in laws family; thankfully they were kind enough to let us use this amazing location. Decorations were minimal as the location speaks for itself. I knew what ‘theme’ I wanted to go for pretty much before Myla was born, Boho Casual. I considered hiring a stylist, but couldn’t justify the money…I mean; we didn’t even have a stylist for our wedding! Plus, I haven’t worked for a year…if I can’t find the time to organise a birthday party then I really need to work on my time management skills.

Myla’s first birthday was perfect! The weather was ideal, the location was amazeballs and the guests cared about the guest of honour (which is what it’s all about). Her 1st birthday was casual with plenty of food and drink; and lots of open space for the kiddies to play without parents having to worry about breakables. Please find a list of the suppliers below (the rest was DIY) and of course, party pics!
Tipi: Mocka Australia; $69.95
Jute Rugs: Mocka Australia, $9.95 each
Cushions: Adairs Australia, $5.00 each
Birthday Cake: @Love_and_Bake, contact for a quotation
Floral Flower Topper: I purchased a bouquet of flowers from the markets for $35; my sister in law and her mama then taped and assembled them on the cake that morning!
‘One’ Cake Topper: CreatingMonkies on Esty, $16.00
Chalkboard decal ‘Myla is One’: ElsyandGrace on Etsy, $19.00 for the PDF plus printing
Photographer: @Sirck, contact for a quotation
Games: Brisbane Backyard Games
Invitations: TheSundaeCreative on Etsy, $20.00 for the PDF plus printing
Myla’s romper: @MissLylaTheLabel,
Myla’s Belt: @MombasaRose, $10.00
Myla’s Shoes: @Mukki_Original, $35.00
Mother/daughter flower crowns: @ArchNollie, $90.00

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